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February 2, 2012

Volunteers Share their Wisdom

As the Adult Education Program Manager at Saca Community Learning Center, I have had the privilege to work with numerous volunteers every day. I am continuously humbled and in awe of their commitment, skills and life experiences that these individuals share with our community through service at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS). One volunteer in particular, Roger Macker, deposits droplets of wisdom during every encounter. WISDOM being the application of knowledge.

Roger Macker has volunteered at SFBFS for over 4 years. Currently, he volunteers in the Food program, assembling bags of produce to be distributed at various distribution sites throughout Sacramento. Roger spends two to four hours twice a week assembling bags. He has also volunteers at the Saca Community Learning Center as a tutor in the Adult Education program.

What some staff and volunteers may not know about Mr. Macker is that he will turn 89 years old this week, he served in World War II and he retired as a school teacher in Sacramento. Listening to his colorful stories of the war and teaching experience always provides fresh perspectives on various issues. After our conversations, I always feel rested and refreshed. If anyone happens to see Roger volunteering his time at SFBFS in the next few days, please wish Roger a very Happy Birthday.

To all the volunteers of Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, and especially Roger Macker, thank you for giving your time, talent and yourself.

Submitted by James Moore, Adult Education Program Manager

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