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July 22, 2010

WWA Portrait Project- Reception and Show

You’re invited to yet another amazing art show featuring the lovely ladies of the Women’s Wisdom Art Program. This time not only will the women feature their own artwork which will be displayed for view and for sale, but also the women are featured subjects in portraits by local artists Ann Tracy and George Streng. Ann and George visited WWA to photograph and interview the women and transformed these images and stories into beautiful works of art that the women get to keep. Twenty eight women are featured in the portraits.

So come on down to the Bridge Builders’ Room at SFBFS on August 7th from 5-8PM for the art show and reception- it is not to be missed!

In related news, WWA is accepting pieces from the community for the Third Annual Art Bra Show. Anything bra-inspired fits the bill, but be sure to submit before the second weekend in August. The Art Bra Show will be Saturday, September 11th.

Fun in the Sun!

On July 10th and 17th, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services hosted two Fun in The Sun Health Fairs: one at our Oak Park facility and one at the Saca Community Learning Center in Del Paso Heights. These events were open to the community to share in the spirit of health and wellness and enjoy food, games, fun, and community resources.

Many local agencies came out to provide attendees health information and services. Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation came out to provide free mammograms to pre-enrolled women. This wonderful partner organization visits SFBFS every month to offer classes on prevention and other relevant topics to our clients. Representatives from the American Red Cross were available for blood pressure screenings. In addition, several other community organizations were there to offer information about services to attendees including the veterans association, Community Against Sexual Harm (CASH), Women Infants and Children (WIC), Mosquito Vector, Sacramento Works, and SMUD.

In addition to learning about local resources, participants enjoyed a healthy lunch of grilled chicken and corn on the cob with vegetable kabobs. Children has a blast in the bounce house, got their faces painted, and had lots of fun paper windmills with glitter. Women’s Wisdom Art Program here at SFBFS had a booth where many came to try out the loom and also make handmade greeting cards.

This year marks the second anniversary of the event. We hope to continue this tradition of Fun in the Sun into the future so if you missed it this year, make sure to come out next July for some fun in the sun!

July 16, 2010

A Toy Story, By Paul Kessler

Last weekend, I enjoyed Disney/Pixar’s newest animated film Toy Story 3.

For those of you unfamiliar with the plot, the loveable Andy from Toy Story and Toy Story 2 is all grown up and is heading off to college, something I see coming at me faster and faster every day. Only one year left of high school for me.

In this film, Buzz Lightyear and Woody, voiced by Tim Allen and Tom Hanks respectively, haven’t been played with in years and since it’s time for Andy start packing up his things for college, he has to choose between donating the toys, throwing them out, or storing the toys in the attic where they will be kept safe.

I won’t give away too much, but there is a very happy ending to the movie and it got me thinking.

I went into my nine-year-old brother’s room and I got out some of my old toys. After playing with them for one last time, my mom and I weeded some of the ones out that were no longer of much use to either of us and partnered those with some old clothing.

I then took all of those items down to Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services and dropped them off at the Guest Services area.

While it was tough to part with some of the glorious items from my childhood, I was able to get my mom to let me hold on to a special few like my Nintendo 64. But I know that donating those toys was the right thing to do and they will bring another kid the same amount of happiness they brought me.

If you are interested in donating gently used toys, school supplies, clothing or baby items, please visit for drop of times and locations.

July 8, 2010

Computer Clubhouse, By Paul Kessler

Today I spent a little time walking the grounds at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS). I went to the Clothing program, the Mother-Baby program and eventually I wandered into the Computer Clubhouse. I found a group of 15 clients finishing a project on Microsoft Word 2007 as part of the Adult Education program. These learners of every age were learning basics in word processing to improve their skills and increase their chance of securing employment.

After finishing their projects, the clients munched on pizza while the program director, Charles Coger, sang “Dancing with my Baby” by Willie Clayton. After the perfect rendition, clients gave Coger hugs and said good-bye. They shared a last laugh and he told them that he would mail out their exam results in a couple weeks with their certificates. For some, this will not be the last they see of Coger.

Coger will be offering another technology class for adults starting in September. This 13-week comprehensive course on computer basics will build upon this introductory class.

Outside of class, Coger encouraged the clients to return during open lab hours to practice their newly acquired skills and search for jobs. Volunteers are at the ready to work with clients one on one during lab hours to brush up their resume, practice typing tests or peruse the internet for job openings.

If you know of an adult who would benefit from free computer classes, please refer them to SFBFS