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February 14, 2012


Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is proud to be a partner in the SMUD EnergyHELP program. This program is a service for low income individuals, which provides them with a one-service of up to $200.00 to sustain their electric service as well as enrolls them in the Energy Assistance Program Rate (EAPR) of 30% discount on their bill. SMUD and Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services have partnered to assist families experiencing a financial crisis. This service is made possible by SMUD customers through charitable donations. Every year SMUD customers are approached to make a donation to the program to help their community.

Who qualifies to receive assistance from the EnergyHELP program? Individuals must meet SMUD qualifications for the EAPR discount which is dependent on the number of people living in the household and the monthly income for the household.

Many families are interested in signing up for the program, but unfortunately you cannot call to request to be chosen for this program. Tuesday through Friday, SMUD uses a lottery to randomly select households who have recently received disconnect notices. Customers chosen from this lottery are put on a list. The list is then split between Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services and SMUD’s three other partner organizations (Salvation Army, Folsom Cordova Community Center and Travelers Aid). These agencies then call the selected SMUD customers and book an appointment.

Through the generous donations from contributors, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services help 3,372 low income families keep the lights on in a time of crisis just last year. Thank you for helping families in need.

Submitted by Deborah DeCuir, SMUD EngergyHELP Representative

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