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February 23, 2012

Falling in Love with Succulents

As a native Arizonan, I am quite used to desert ambiance. Most of my life has been based in the Phoenix Valley, surrounded by dry, sandy soil and prickly saguaros. People decorate their yards with rocks and seaweed-like cactus (in the 80’s they frivolously landscaped with thirsty grass!) Once my puppy got attacked by a jumping cholla that resulted in an emergency veterinary hospital trip and a pitifully dopey dachshund. Needless to say, the southwest’s scrubby, barren landscape holds no appeal for me.

I naturally gravitate toward the lush, tropical jungles of Asia and South America and adopted a passion for gardens, greenery, trees, growth, life and the likes. Upon moving to California, I eagerly anticipated an abundance of farmers markets, forests and hot springs and progressively earthy minded folk (of whom I’m still in search of, hit me up people!), all the while exploring, learning and observing my new home. To my surprise, one of the most strikingly beautiful plants I find here are the succulents!

Succulents come in panoply of varieties; from rose-tinged lotus-like rosette Aeoniums to the distinguished, oriental Crassula ovate (Jade, or Money tree) to even the dripping, tropical Rosary Vine (Ceropegiawoodii) seen cascading over balconies in Midtown.

One of my favorite new projects this spring is to create a vertical succulent wall, perhaps subconsciously melding my past and present, à la tropical desert mode.

Stop by this spring to see what gardening tricks Courtney is up to in SFBFS’ new Demonstration Garden.

Submitted by Courtney Jallo, AmeriCorps VISTA

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