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March 29, 2012

Two thumb's up for the passport

Hello all!

Things are going well in the Parent Education program. The new Education & Technology Center is great, the boutique looks good, the lobby is spacious and our clients seem to really like it. One of the changes to the program is that we are trying to encourage more father participation. It seems as though we are getting more fathers coming to the classes, which is great.

I have been working on my staff passports and I am almost finished with them. The passport has really helped me to get to know all of the staff better, as well as to better understand what is going on in the other programs.

I think that it is really important for me to encourage our clients to take advantage of all of the resources that Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services provides and the passport experience has made that possible. Sometimes it has been difficult to find the time to participate in programs and complete my passport. However, if not for the passport, I would only be able to tell people about Parent Education.

I have really enjoyed my short time here at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services. I cannot say the same about jobs that I have held in the past, but this has honestly been a great experience. Last night I helped out at a food distribution. I thought about blowing it off, due to the rain, but I’m glad that I didn’t. We had a big group of clients, even with the horrific weather, and I guess hunger doesn’t care if it is raining.

I look forward to learning more about Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services.

Submitted by Aaron Shoup, Parent Education Program Assistance

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