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March 14, 2012

Finding the Connection Between Forklifts and Valentine’s Cards

At Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, we do a little cross training from time to time. Not the kind were you flip over tires and lift sand bags in an effort to become more strong, but were you walk a mile in your co-worker shoes. This cross training takes the form of SFBFS’ staff passport. Quarterly, I have been spending about 30 minutes participating in other SFBFS programs and departments.

From the beginning, I was a little skeptical and a little close-minded about the whole thing. As we went over what we had to do, the doubt became more like anxiety. I was nervous to go into programs that were not my expertise, driving and warehousing at SFBFS. I’m a team player, so I wanted to give it my best shot. First, I had to take a class in Women’s Wisdom Art. Art is not my forte, but Helen, the Women’s Wisdom Art Program Manager, welcomed me with a warm smile. I think she could tell I was nervous. That day we made Valentine’s Day cards. As one of the volunteers showed me the materials, the rest of the ladies in the class talked amongst themselves. Jokingly, one of the ladies asked me if I had someone to give this Valentine’s Day card to. After she broke the ice with that question, we began to talk. The conversation started with SFBFS and ended up talking about life. In the end, I had a great time working with the ladies in Women’s Wisdom Art and I learned a lot about them.

This involvement has taught me a lot about the all programs at SFBFS. I have gained knowledge about the overall company and the people we help daily. My time with the other programs was just as rewarding. Overall, these experiences have taught me to view new opportunities with an unprejudiced outlook.

Submitted by Richard Murdoch, Driver

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