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March 8, 2012

Just Between Friends

Over the past 5 years working at Sacramento Food Bank & Families Services (SFBFS), I have been involved with planning many events. Each event starts with someone’s idea and through a series of phone call, e-mails and face to face conversations, the event is developed. When all the pieces are in place, it comes down to the final, round table discussion of how everything will come together to produce a successful event.

On Tuesday February 28, it was time to for the final planning meeting with Shannon Carter and Jill Mitchell with Just between Friends, a partnership that has helped SFBFS for many years. Shannon and Jill’s Just Between Friends events provide baby clothing to our Parent Education program after their clothing sales throughout the Sacramento area.

In this meeting, the group went over the final check lists. We confirmed that all the communication and marketing materials were in place, such as brochures, bag inserts, donor receipts, cash boxes and Web site links. The team finalized the dates and times for all necessary supplies to be delivered and picked up at each location site. We also went over staffing for the event and determined that volunteers are needed for the success of this event.

The event is primed to be a wonderful success! If you would like to take advantage of the great deals at one of the upcoming Just Between Friends sales events, please visit

Submitted by Steve Knieriem, Operations Manager

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