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December 28, 2011

Rosa Comes to SFBFS

Hello my name is Rosa Flores. I heard about Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) when I moved to Sacramento in 1998. I used the services that SFBFS offered including Food, Clothing, Mother-Baby (now Parent Education) and, most importantly, Adult Education. I visited the Adult Education program several days every week to learn English, while my children participated in the PlayCare program. I loved taking group classes and working one-on-one with the volunteers.

Mrs. Carly, the ESL instructor, told me that there was a position opening at SFBFS and I might make a good fit. The position was to be the new cook. Mrs. Carly knew that I love to cook, so she and Davis, the Adult Education Program Manager at the time, recommended me to the organization to be the new cook. I was interviewed by the President almost ten years ago. That same day I was hired.

The ten years that I have been working at SFBFS have been incredible. I have grown since I’ve been here. I have become a better cook and I have improved my English since I started. I have learned a lot and I can now be flexible and improvise on my cooking, which gets better and better by the day. I have met a lot of great people at SFBFS and am thankful for the opportunity.

Written by Rosa Flores, Cook

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