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December 27, 2011

AmeriCorps VISTAs join SFBFS

Hi, my name is Jessy Wei and I am one of the new VISTAs (Volunteers in Service to America, a one year commitment to serve in a community through AmeriCorps) at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS). SFBFS staff will see me hanging around the Volunteer Manager office, where I’ve inherited the desk of long time volunteer Tessie Ernst, who just completed her year of service from Xerox. Tessie, Jessy, yes I know. I’ve been called everything from the ‘new Tessie’ to ‘Tessie 2.0.’

One responsibility of my position will be to keep this blog updated with the latest on what’s going on here at SFBFS. So let me just start out by saying that the other VISTA, Courtney Jallo, who will be working on getting the new garden up and running, and I had our first day on the job during the Turkey Distribution.

It’s not an exaggeration to say then that our VISTA year of service started out with a bang! The mile long line winding from Third Avenue to McClatchy Park was just incredible to see. It was a fitting and almost overwhelming introduction to SFBFS and Oak Park. But what really continues to amaze me is the continual enthusiasm, energy and respect that all the SFBFS staff, volunteers and community members have for the people they are serving.

The enthusiasm and passion for the work and community at SFBFS is infectious. While speaking to the members of the Americorps NCCC Green 1 team, who just recently finished their six week service project at SFBFS, the one aspect about SFBFS that they could all agree on was the inviting atmosphere.

“It’s really a family feel here. Everyone knows us all by name,” NCCC team member Tara Benson said.

As a brand new member of the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, these past few weeks have become an invaluable learning experience. I’m heartened and encouraged by

the outpouring of support from the recent holiday events, like the very successful, albeit wet, 18th Annual Run to Feed the Hungry. I also enjoy the groups of volunteers who tour the hallways and donate their time in all nine programs at SFBFS.

What I would like to be able to do through this blog, in the year that I am here, is to help capture some of the big and small moments that happen on a daily basis here at SFBFS. Whether it’s a profile on a staff member, a feature on a volunteer, or a blurb on the amazing happenings within the multiple programs at SFBFS, it is my hope that you will follow along.

Written by Jessy Wei, AmeriCorps VISTA

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