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December 22, 2011

The Heartwarming Countdown to Christmas

The holidays are always a busy time for organizations like ours. Not only are there more individuals and families turning to us for help, but we are also overwhelmed by the generosity of community members who want to lend a hand.

Last week, a group of seniors from Pioneer Towers, a downtown senior housing complex, took a cab ride to Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services to donate six boxes of handmade items. These generous women, including a 96 year old woman, have been busy knitting beautiful scarves and hats for the last year. Every day, while carefully crafting, they are reminded of those out in the cold that will benefit from their hard work.

They left after each getting a big hug from Tasha Bryant, Clothing Program Manager. Tasha sees firsthand the number of people who come in to her program without a hat, gloves or scarf and all too often a coat. She knows the clients will feel the love that went into making these gifts.

Many people who don’t have the means to make a financial contribution don’t think they can help those less fortunate. But anyone can make a difference. We have students who get their classmates involved by collecting diapers, business owners who offer discounts when customers bring in canned food, business travelers who save hotel toiletries, youth groups who collect coats, and the list goes on and on.

Our nine programs all have wish lists of items they need. Take a look by visiting our Host a Donation Drive page. How can you make a difference? Don’t have a New Year’s resolution? Maybe now you do.

Written by Shauna Ross, Development Director

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