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October 20, 2011

A volunteer benefits from SFBFS as well

This entry is written by Helen Plenert, Women's Wisdom Art Program Manager at SFBFS:

Today I had a phone call from a fairly new volunteer. She had just recently begun to help out in Women’s Wisdom Art on Thursdays. She started out the phone call with a huge apology that she had found a job and would not be able to return to help out in the classroom. I was excited that she had found a job at all in this economy.

She had lost her job some time back and didn’t feel good about herself but realized that sitting around the house was only making things worse. That’s when she decided to attend a volunteer orientation. She went on to tell me that she was so impressed with the women in the collage class. They have such huge obstacles to overcome and every week they went one step at a time. She became inspired to get back out there and look for a job again. This time it worked and within a few days she was working full time again.

Usually I tell stories about the students/clients of Women’s Wisdom Art, but this time a volunteer has moved me. Her story could have been told by anyone –client or volunteer. Marilyn was a wonderful example of how the arts and our Women’s Wisdom Art and SFBFS community heals and supports. This time it was a loving volunteer who needed the uplifting moments. Marilyn was so grateful that she was able to help but told me in the end she didn't feel like she helped the women as much as they helped her.


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