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November 17, 2011

Halloween Celebration at SFBFS

All of the children in Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS)’ PlayCare program, their parents and guests were invited to a fun Halloween party provided by SFBFS staff and volunteers. Everyone enjoyed various activity stations including a dress-up station for the children and moms who did not have a Halloween costume. A few of the children and moms visited the face painting station, while others painted a wooden mask of their choice; a monkey, pumpkin or Frankenstein. The children also had opportunities to win prizes playing bingo.

In the Halloween party not only did the children have fun, the moms, too, got to have fun with their children . Moms took part in most activities. We had a station where children and moms raced to eat worms from a muddy plate (gummy worms covered in chocolate pudding). In our last station we had a mom, who volunteered to be part of the activity, to be transformed into a mummy. The children covered her from top to bottom with paper towels. At the end each child had the opportunity to take a photo with the mummy.

After having a good time, our celebration had to come to an end. Even though we still had more activities planned, we did not have enough time. The children finished the day by trick or treating throughout staff offices. At the end of the party, the children left happy with their masks, treats, snacks and prizes.

Written by Antonia Ramirez, SFBFS' PlayCare and Youth Academy Programs Assistant

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