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July 8, 2010

Computer Clubhouse, By Paul Kessler

Today I spent a little time walking the grounds at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS). I went to the Clothing program, the Mother-Baby program and eventually I wandered into the Computer Clubhouse. I found a group of 15 clients finishing a project on Microsoft Word 2007 as part of the Adult Education program. These learners of every age were learning basics in word processing to improve their skills and increase their chance of securing employment.

After finishing their projects, the clients munched on pizza while the program director, Charles Coger, sang “Dancing with my Baby” by Willie Clayton. After the perfect rendition, clients gave Coger hugs and said good-bye. They shared a last laugh and he told them that he would mail out their exam results in a couple weeks with their certificates. For some, this will not be the last they see of Coger.

Coger will be offering another technology class for adults starting in September. This 13-week comprehensive course on computer basics will build upon this introductory class.

Outside of class, Coger encouraged the clients to return during open lab hours to practice their newly acquired skills and search for jobs. Volunteers are at the ready to work with clients one on one during lab hours to brush up their resume, practice typing tests or peruse the internet for job openings.

If you know of an adult who would benefit from free computer classes, please refer them to SFBFS

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