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June 22, 2010

Enter Laughing, By Paul Kessler

By volunteer Paul Kessler

“Enter Laughing.” That is what the sign on the door to the Women’s Wisdom Art Studio reads, and the ladies inside fulfill that mission. Women sit and laugh while working on their watercolor paintings. Paintings are abstract or realistic. Conversations range from family members to upcoming events to songs from TV shows to movies. A light music plays in the background.

Sometimes, the ladies get up and dance, but mainly, the music is relaxing. In fact, the mood in general is relaxed. While the women take their art seriously, they often take breaks from their art to talk and laugh. There is no added pressure. Everyone smiles and laughs.

But what is Women’s Wisdom Art exactly? This program at SFBFS offers a variety of art experiences for women who want to broaden their creative lives. Designed as a uniquely feminine environment that supports the artistic and personal growth of women in all stages of life, Women's Wisdom Art believes that artistic exploration naturally brings greater self-knowledge. Classes, which include lunch, are free and taught by professional artists. They include drawing, textiles, clay, mixed media, poetry, gourd crafting, creative writing, and painting with acrylics and water color.

Lisa, one of the clients in Women’s Wisdom Art, took some of her time in the studio to talk to me. While she (and the rest of the ladies) was working on recreating the works of Vincent Van Gogh, Lisa told me that she really likes making collages.

“I make use collages on all sorts of things,” she said. “I’ll make birthday cards or Christmas cards with collages on them. It makes me feel very creative, something I can’t say I feel when I use mediums like pencils and pens.”

But it isn’t only the art that unites these women. There is a strong sense of unity amongst them. “We have a lot of camaraderie amongst the women,” said Lisa.

Lisa appears the most talkative of the group. She is always quick to compliment everyone on what they are wearing. It’s obvious that her compliments really unite the women and make one another feel comfortable.

If you are interested in participating in Women’s Wisdom Art or know of a woman who could benefit from these free services, please contact Helen at If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Robin at

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