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June 24, 2015

The Summer Jungle!

It’s definitely summer in the garden. How do I know? Oh, I have a mental checklist and once I can say YES to every list item, I know its summer. A few things on the list:

  • Can you barely walk past the squash plants without stepping into the adjacent garden beds?
  • Have the harlequin beetles returned to feast on the tree collards?
  • Are you beginning to find foot-long cucumbers that you failed to see in the cucumber jungle the day before (when they were only 6 inches long)?
  • Is the watering hose too hot to touch after 9:30 am?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, it is probably summer.
I have cucumbers and summer squash by the basket load and oodles of basil from the aquaponics system. The pepper plants are lush and bush-like, perfect for concealing their fiery fruits from the hot sun (and the subsequent sun scald). The eggplant got a late start, but it’s growing quickly and I can already see the differences in the three varieties I planted, exciting! The amaranth is about to go in the ground (and will shoot up to about eight feet tall) and the sorghum has just begun to set seed. The pole beans are climbing up their trellises and the baby sugar watermelons have baby melons all over. 
What am I saying? Tis’ an excellent time to be outside in the garden and see all the splendor of summer! Stop by and see what we’ll be harvesting next, it changes just about every week.
Submitted by Kate Wilkins, SFBFS Garden Coordinator

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