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June 16, 2015

Summer is Here!

What a way to end our 2014-2015 school year in SFBFS'  Youth Education program, but celebrating our kids success!!! These past few days Krystal and I have had the opportunity to attend some of youth graduation ceremonies:  Bianca, Sahala, Beatriz, Nancy, Fernanda, Cynthia, Fabiola, Angelina, Aryanna, Gabriel.

Many of these kids we have known for many years! Beatriz, came to our program when she was only 1 year old and she would cry because she didn't want to stay and be away from her mom who was taking an ESL class... now she will be a freshmen in high school.  Bianca came to our program when she was just in first grade and her mom was taking a parenting class through our Parent Education program and is now entering middle school. Nancy came to our program when she was just a first grader, too, and will be attending Sacramento State University this fall. Fernanda enrolled when she was just in third grade and was scared of reading in front of others and now she is off to Sacramento State University too!

We are honored to have the opportunity to work with youth in our community because we are making a difference in their life's and the lives of their families. We walk by their side and are there in times of need when they feel sad, afraid, unsure and we share happy memories with them. The Youth Education program offers homework support, tutoring, enrichment activities, community service, college and career guidance, summer internships, summer camps and technology for teens - all for FREE to the community!

Submitted by Aurelia Garcia, Youth Education Program Manager & Counselor

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