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August 8, 2013

A Letter from Girl Scout Troop 1596

Maeve, Allison and I, Leyna, are Cadets from Girl Scout Troop 1596 who worked on our Girl Scout Silver Award this summer deciding to help enhance the children’s library in Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services' (SFBFS) Youth Education program at the Saca Community Learning Center (Saca CLC), SFBFS’ North Sacramento location.

When we visited the site in the spring of 2013 we were informed that there was a need for improvement to the children’s library in the Playcare Academy classroom. This is where monthly, over 40 children, ages 1-5 years old receive free, high-quality developmental, emotional and academic support and childcare while their parents are also gaining the support they need in SFBFS’ Parent Education or Adult Education programs.

So we got to work finding books and shelves to enhance their class library. To get the books and shelves we visited many yard sales looking for donations. People were very generous when we told them we were creating a children’s library at a local food bank and we only had to pay a small amount out-of-pocket to complete the project. After gathering all the supplies, we took them to Saca CLC and helped to install the library in Youth Education’s Playcare Academy classroom. The books we brought in and sorted ranged from pre-readers for very young children to classic novels for teens, which were added to Saca CLC’s community library.   

We are very proud of our contribution and are very happy to have helped SFBFS and all the children and families that use the Youth Education program at Saca CLC. Since all of us love reading, we could think of no better way to give back to our community than to increase reading appreciation and access to quality materials for kids. Many of the books we donated were ones we owned ourselves and loved reading when we were little.

We look forward to more chances to further assist Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services. 

Submitted by Leyna,

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