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July 30, 2013

Gifts from the Heart

Sometimes it is the students who teach the instructor, especially about the really important things.  As a volunteer technology instructor in the Adult Education program at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, I recently had one such experience. 

Learning how to use a computer, with its funny mouse and keyboard, is not easy for many people.  A puzzled look would come across a student's face when we opened Microsoft Word or created a folder. Some students could barely type. But they kept working hard for all seven weeks.  

As one recent class finished the final exercise I wondered if  the technology class was too hard.  Then one student handed me a thank you card signed by every student along with a nice donation to help Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services keep up its good work. I was so touched. That day I learned the value of volunteering and helping change people's lives for the better. 

Submitted by Peter Fusselman, Volunteer Instructor in Adult Education

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