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May 4, 2012

Best Kept Secret

I’ve heard so many people say that the services and programs offered through Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services are the community’s best kept secret. As individuals stop by the reception desk, where I volunteer, to inquire about food distribution locations and learn about other services offered, their expressions and demeanor immediately change.
In particular, the Demonstration Garden; people love it! You should see their excitement as they walk by wondering how they can get involved, it’s priceless!

Also the Technology Lab catches people off guard. It is not often community members can find free access to state of the art computers. Additionally, the computer courses offered at no charge are very valuable resources, especially in today’s economy.

What these programs and services offer to the residents of Sacramento is of tremendous value. As the word spreads throughout the community of what an awesome variety of services provided, it will no longer be the best kept secret, but the best of services and programs known to the community.

Submitted by Sharon Beavers, volunteer Receptionist

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