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January 26, 2012

Technology Lab

With the ribbon cutting of the new Education & Technology Center now complete, the realization of more opportunities for families as well as individuals was kicked off on January 24 with a slew of phone calls regarding classes. The most amazing part is that SFBFS will no longer have to limit the activities in the lab to restricted days. The new Center offers so much space and allows three classes to take place simultaneously! With new computers and software upgrades, our clients will definitely enjoy their experience in SFBFS’ Technology Lab.

As a new addition to our technology class schedule, SFBFS created three new technology workshops: customizing your personal computer, file management, e-mailing & attachments. We have also added a Lab Instruction session within our classes to help ensure the success of our students. Clients will be able to take a class or use our open lab for job search and/or e-mailing, resume assistance as well as completing online job applications. We will continue our partnership EDD, facilitating their PC Basics & Caljobs Navigation workshops.

We are excited that Tech Skills of Sacramento is partnering with SFBFS to provide us with new interns from their Office Administration program. These students will be working in the Technology Lab helping to assist the clients with day to day activities as a part of their goal to gain more experience in an technology environment assisting them use their skills to be more prepared for future employment. For more information about classes, please visit

Submitted by Shay Smith, Adult Education Technology Instructor

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