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January 30, 2012

A Farwell to the Past and a Welcome to the Future

SFBFS’ Youth Education (YE) program began the exciting process of packing and getting things ready for the move to SFBFS’ new Education & Technology Center scheduled to open early February. Last month, families joined staff and volunteers for an evening of celebration of the many years of service at the Arata Brothers facility. Close to 100 parents and children came to give thanks and gratitude to SFBFS staff and volunteers for the care, academic assistance, enrichment activities and to show their appreciation for their dedication and commitment to serving their children for many years. Parents and children enjoyed delicious food, a slideshow and funny videos as we remembered the many children that had participated in the program.

Many of our have been part of SFBFS’ family for many years. For instance, Beatriz who is currently a 5th grade student came to Sacrament Food Bank & Family Services when she was only 1 ½ years old after her mother began attending English as a Second Language classes in SFBFS’ Adult Education program. PlayCare staff worked closely to prepare Beatriz for kindergarten. Three years later she enrolled in SFBFS’ Youth Academy program. Beatriz is an outstanding, studious, and caring student who is excelling in school and scored advanced in both Language Arts and Math on her report cards. Beatriz even scored 100 percent in Math and only missed 1 problem in Language Arts on the California State Standards exams. Staff and volunteers are very proud of her accomplishments in school.

Another amazing individual who has benefited from SFBFS’ youth serves is Fernanda, a shy and timid 3rd grader. She initially feared reading, but later was chosen to speak at her 6th grade graduation and was recently interviewed by Univision 19 at our Education & Technology Ribbon Cutting. A third outstanding student is Williams, a very smart and intelligent young man who after graduating from 6th grade, returned to assist as a Reading Mentor to three younger kids who struggled with reading.

I would also like to say to the amazing volunteers that have given their time selfishly, we thank you for your dedication, commitment, care, support and love. SFBFS’ New Education & Technology Center will provide opportunity to expand services to many more youth in the community that need a safe, enriching and high quality care educational setting to go to. SFBFS’ staff will need more volunteer power, so if you enjoy working with youth, please consider joining the volunteer crew and volunteer in the new Youth Education. Please visit SFBFS’ website and attend a volunteer orientation.

Submitted by Aurelia Garcia, Youth Education Program Manager & Counselor

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