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February 5, 2010

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services welcomes new Clothing Program Manager.

Here at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services we are super excited to welcome a new employee, Tasha Bryant! Tasha joined our staff as Clothing Program Manager in January this year. I had the opportunity to sit down with Tasha and get to know more about her…

Tasha has a strong background working in social services. Before joining Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, Tasha worked for WIND youth services for many years, running a program for homeless youth. Tasha offered great compassion and care to youth and their families in her former work and brings ideals of compassion and non-judgment to her new role here at SFBFS.

I asked Tasha why she chose to come to SFBFS and what she appreciates about our organization. Tasha has been familiar with our programs for some time and often referred clients from WIND to SFBFS for services. She appreciated the service clients received here, especially the fact that here clients don’t have to “jump through hoops” to receive service. Clients at SFBFS receive direct services at no cost and with minimal requirements. At SFBFS things are “really happening- definitely keeping it real at the Food Bank”.

I asked Tasha what she thinks some of the biggest obstacles are for receiving services in the community. She explained to me that core problems need to be addressed, not just the symptoms. For example, you can feed someone who is hungry or house someone without a home, yet that still may overlook the underlying issue. On the other hand, she continued, meeting basic needs is the beginning point for success, a concept that each individual can define for him or herself. Clearly her views are in line with the SFBFS mission of meeting people’s immediate needs while helping to move them toward self-sufficiency. Furthermore, Tasha believes each person should be greeted with an open mind and treated as an individual in a dignified manner. “You get my respect as soon as you walk in the door, you don’t have to earn it…” Similarly these values are in line with SFBFS core values: compassion, integrity, and community.

Outside of work, Tasha and her family are die-hard basketball fans. “Pretty much every male in my family has gone to school on a basketball scholarship”, she says. Her husband is a teacher and the head basketball coach at Encina Prep High School. For many of the players, basketball provides a support system and helps them succeed in all aspects of life. Tasha explains, “When you work for something, you don’t take it for granted”.

We are thrilled to have Tasha join our staff at SFBFS. Now that you’ve learned a little bit about her, be sure to meet her in person when you come out to volunteer or receive service at the Clothing Program!

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