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February 17, 2010

Change for Change!

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services runs on the giving spirit of so many generous volunteers and partners in the community. It is a general standard that clients who receive services here and wish to volunteer must wait a year after first receiving services before becoming a volunteer. Still, many clients express a desire to give back in some way. The “Change for Change” giving campaign was a response to the generosity of the community and their desire to give back.

Volunteers in the mobile Food Assistance distribution of the Food Assistance Program are familiar with the huge, purple “Change for Change” thermometer sign that has been set up at Mobile distributions since early fall of last year. This “thermometer” measured the rising numbers of donation dollars received by clients who contributed spare change in the donation box during Mobile food distributions. This season we earned an amazing $613.13! We are currently looking to find a sponsor to match this total in future campaigns. Look for the “Change for Change” campaign again next holiday season.

“Change for Change” is a testament to the spirit of giving in the community, a willingness to contribute whatever one can. Thank you to all who have supported our programs over the years.

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