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March 24, 2014

Meet Computer Clubhouse members, Maria & Beatrice

Meet Maria and Beatrice. They are members of our Youth Education program’s Computer Clubhouse.

Maria has been a member since she was 8 years old. Next year she will be graduating high school and will no longer be a part of the program. Maria’s plans are to attend college and study engineering.
Beatrice joined the Clubhouse last summer.She is a freshman in high school and has hopes of being an engineer when she graduates and goes on to college. 

I am very proud of them both.

I selected both of these girls to attend Teen Summit 2014 in Boston this summer. I chose them because of their participation in the Clubhouse, above average grades in school, upbeat and friendly personalities and enthusiasm to learn, explore and create with the use of technology. They are prime role models to the younger youth in the program.

This will be Maria and Beatrice first time in Boston and the very first time Maria has been on a plane. This will be my first time attending Teen Summit as well. As a bunch of newbies, we are excited, anxious, and can hardly wait for this new adventure!

Hello. My name is Beatrice. I am participating in Teen Summit 2014, I am one of the two members in SFBFS’ Computer Clubhouse chosen to go. I am eager to meet new people and motivated to try new things. Boston, here I come!

Hello. My name is Maria. I have the privilege to go to Boston and attend Teen Summit 2014. I am very happy to have this opportunity, work with other youth from Clubhouse all around the world and learn new  idea to bring back our Clubhouse.

Submitted by Kelly Ann Adams, Computer Clubhouse Coordinator at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services. 

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