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April 11, 2013

Youth visit Deer Creek Hills

On April 2, 15 children from Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services' Youth Education program visited Deer Creek Hills and took part in the Sacramento Valley Conservancy’s free Saturday self-led hikes.

The following journal entry was submitted by
Kevin, age 11.

At 8am in the morning, we drove to Deer Creek Hills. We drove in to the ranch and saw 2 horses. One of the ladies who was riding her horse let us pet it.  

Before starting on our hike, we made sure we went to the bathroom because it would be a long hike and there were no restrooms by the trail.  We did not want to go to the bathroom out in the wild by a tree.

At first, we saw piles of cow poop and then we started on our hike. We saw lots of cows.  The cows were far away from us and we kept our distance because sometimes the cows might charge after you. As we are walking on the trial, one of the Sacramento Valley Conservancy volunteers told us to stop to listen to the black birds chirping and he also showed us two different types of oak trees; Blue Oak and Valley Oak.

Fred, a Sacramento Valley Conservancy volunteer showed us how the cows scratch their backs; they rub their backs against the trees. We also saw a place where the Native American used to grind acorns.

 We saw a pile of bones; we started guessing why they died.  Joshua, one of my friends put a cow bone on his head and we all started laughing.  

For lunch, we stopped to eat by a pond and as we were heading back on the trial, we decided to stop because we saw more cows by trail. The cows immediately started running away. I think they were frightened. Before heading back home, we stopped to feed the horses.   

All of us really enjoyed going on the hike and feeding the horses

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