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October 16, 2012

Wellness Van Visits SFBFS

On Monday October 1, 2012, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services hosted the Walgreens Wellness Van, sponsored by AARP. As a courtesy to the public, the team sets up a mobile wellness station at SFBFS’ main campus.  Beginning at the information tables, AARP members and volunteers greet each client.  Each person received a packet of senior information (if applicable), then directed to a table to receive a free gift of your choice for participation.

Once  inside the van, your finger is pricked for a blood sample.  From this, they can read your cholesterol level, glucose and sugar levels. They administer a BMI test that measures your body fat, bone density, and muscle. They check your weight and blood pressure, and if necessary, will write you a prescription for medication.

With this information, they can determine your aging process and let you know if your body is aging accordingly or if your body is actually aging faster than it should be – this gives you the opportunity to turn things around.  The turnout was a great success and many benefited from the event.

Submitted by Sharon Beavers, SFBFS volunteer

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