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August 16, 2012

SFBFS Receives Huggies Brand Diapers to Distribute to Families in Need

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is excited to share the exiting news that we received 100,000 Huggies diapers through a partnership with the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) and Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc. (K.I.D.S).
As part of a year-long initiative to get diapers to families in need, NDBN and K.I.D.S. have partnered together to donate 20 million diapers to regional and local diaper banks and local service providers throughout the United States, including SFBFS.
With this donation, SFBFS will be able to provide approximately 500 Sacramento area families each month with diapers through SFBFS’ Parent Education program.

The Parent Education program is designed to service families in Sacramento County by offering free, family-related courses on topics such as nurturing parenting, positive discipline techniques, budgeting, health, nutrition, stress management, school readiness, play groups and more. Families with children ages 0 – 5 receive credits after the completion of each course which can be traded in for infant and toddler supplies such as diapers, formula, clothing and much more.
Before SFBFS received this donation of diapers, our organization was experiencing a decrease in donations and we were struggling to provide diapers to the families in our Parent Education program. Now, thanks to this wonderful partnership, thousands of families will benefit from these diapers for their babies. Just a few months ago, Priscilla and Michael started participating in the Parent Education program. They recently both lost their jobs and the diapers provided by our program enabled the family to focus their limited finances on other needs for their children. Priscilla’s testimony has touched our hearts. 

“After we lost our jobs we were faced with no income and very little hope of employment in the near future. We felt that life was hard, but not overwhelming until then. For the first time ever, we found ourselves in social service programs for help with basic needs of food, help with our utilities and baby supplies. It has being a blessing to find the Parent Education program. I never thought in my life that I would ever have to seek out help, but I did. I want to tell you how grateful I am and how this makes it possible for my husband and I to sleep easier. We are living in times where families are in places the never dreamed they would be in, nor prepared to be in.”

SFBFS Parent Education program managers, Mireya Estrella and Lorena Carranza, said that diapers are the most frequently requested items among families served at SFBFS. “Disposable diapers are very expense to buy. Clients are very excited to receive diapers and there is a high demand for them,” Mireya said.

“As a donation based organization we are completely indebted to the National Diaper Bank Network for its donation for disposable diapers. It has made a great impact to the children and families we serve,” Mireya said. “Without the donation we surely would have fallen short in keeping up with the demand of the much needed product.

Thanks a million National Diaper Bank Network!

Submitted by Lorena Carranza, Parent Education Program Manager

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