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September 9, 2010

The Iron Chef- SFBFS Style

Stuffed peppers, spinach salads, bruscetta, tomatillo and yogurt parfaits, these are only a few of the inspired dishes our competitors created using only food from the Food Assistance distribution. The challenge: Who can make the best, most delicious and creative meals using only food from our Food Assistance distribution and in a limited amount time? Five teams took this challenge last month as the Health Education Council hosted an Iron Chef competition here at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS).

The selection of fresh produce included tomatoes, spinach, bell peppers, peaches, potatoes and corn; eggs and walnuts were also prized ingredients. Three guest judges from SFBFS staff were privileged to sample and score the delightful concoctions. Speaking as a judge, I must say we were very impressed. Not only were we impressed with the creativity of the chefs, but also we were impressed with the quality of the ingredients- the very same ingredients community members in need received that week from our Food Assistance program.

By distributing more fresh fruits and vegetables, SFBFS fosters healthy eating for those in need. Fruits, vegetables and physical activity are our best defense against the diet-related illnesses of diabetes, obesity and heart disease that currently plague our communities. Healthy foods along with health and nutrition education go a long way in the effort to improve the health of the entire community. In fact, the Health Education Council is a partner with SFBFS and several other agencies, working towards a common vision of a more healthy society.

For more information on the Health Education Council’s multifaceted programs, check out their Web site, If you are a non-profit agency interested in using the Bridge Builder’s room for a training or event please contact the front desk at (916) 456-1980.


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