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April 6, 2010

Thursdays at Women’s Wisdom Art, By Clio Muir

By Clio Muir
February 21, 2010

Little did I know when I attended an orientation for volunteers at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, I would find myself one year later totally immersed in the Women’s Wisdom Art program. Originally, I thought I would volunteer my time, having found myself with some extra, and donate to a good cause by assisting in the art program; setting out paints, digging out canvases, helping organize the art shows, getting the breakfast together, serving the lunch of the day; just helping with a few things needed during a day spent with Women’s Wisdom Art.

My how things have changed! Now, I would never miss my volunteering Thursdays, where:

* I can’t wait to see what L.T. is going to do with her latest multi-media collage of combining ceramics leaves with a fabric and stick mask turning the whole enterprise into an inspired woodland creature.

* I’m dying to see N.R.’s next dreamy perspective of a faraway landscape by painting gradations of watercolor.

* Or the one-thousandth heart inspired piece done in all forms and mediums by L.A.

* And always no matter the project or assignment, how somewhere, someplace, a rich colorful, cascading waterfall will appear in L.’s work.

I could go on and on describing the art, but the inspiration and the thoughtfulness of the each person’s contribution has to be experienced.

This is what the program means to me: anticipating the fun, the joy and the process by which art is created, and the time spent with these lovely women. I can only imagine for the ladies who come every week from a variety of places and different circumstances, I can only imagine what it means for them…and I didn’t even get started with the glitter, or the conversations and the shared recipes taking wings that seemingly fly through the room.


  1. We're lucky to have Clio as a volunteer!


  2. First, I want to tell you that volunteers are wonderful! Volunteers are the heart & soul of non-profits. Though I do not know you I want to thank you for supporting the Sacramento Food Bank.

    I am actually really interested in the Women’s Wisdom Art program and would love to learn more!

    As the founder of a new soon-to-be arts based non-profit serving women ( I would love to connect. If anyone has time, please do not hesitate to connect with me (sallyATspeakartloudDOTorg.

    Thanks for the good work you do!