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October 15, 2009

KCRA 3 Kid's Can Kick Off

Friday, October 9th

A 21 year tradition, the KCRA 3 Kids Can Food Drive got off to a great start this part Friday at Cal Expo where KCRA crew members, Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services staff and a handful of volunteers gathered to collect initial donations of non-perishable foods. SFBSF Operations Manager Shannin Saulnier arrived at 4:30 in the morning to kick off the event! Shannin was interviewed by KCRA and encouraged the community to donate not only canned goods and other non-perishables, but specifically more healthful items like canned vegetables, meats, beans and soups while avoiding high-sodium and low nutrition foods.

Check out this great media link:

While Friday was the big kick off event, the bulk of the KCRA 3 Kid’s Can Food Drive actually takes place at local schools throughout several counties in Northern California. This year 150 schools will participate in the canned food drive. Prizes will be awarded to schools that collect the most pounds of food.

Aside from collecting tons of food (Last year, SFBFS received over 26,000 pounds of food from Kids Can schools), KCRA 3 Kid’s Can Food Drive teaches students civic responsibility and engagement from an early age. This year teachers can go to for tips on how to incorporate the drive into their lesson plans. The drive runs at schools from October 12th to November 20th!

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